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Pinar Del Rio

Not many regions in Cuba have the natural beauty of Pinar del Río. Blessed by nature, it treasures two of the six World Biosphere Reserves in the island. The charm of its flora and fauna is the main attraction of the province, so much so that it defines the characteristics of the tourism there: the land of the best tobacco in the world. Pinar del Río is a very interesting destination, for those who find in the contact with nature a good reason to travel.To get to know Pinar del Río there’s nothing better than an excursion and visits to its most beautiful sceneries: Viñales Valley, declared World Cultural Landscape by UNESCO; Las Terrazas tourist complex ; Soroa, with its orchid center and the lovely waterfall; the ruins of the French coffee plantations of the 19th century, the Laguna Grande dam, suit for fishing; the Santo Tomás Cave system, 45 km long; María La Gorda International diving center, in the World Reserve of Guanahacabibes, and the northern keys of Levisa, Paraíso and Jutía. Pinar del Río covers a privileged position in our insular geography. To the north, the Gulf of Mexico, to the south the Gulf of Batabanó, to the west Yucatán Strait and to the east the province of Havana.

What to see

Viñales Valley

In Viñales Valley, clay mountains and “mogotes” (small top-rounded conic hills) get mixed to form a fantastic natural scenery, that is why UNESCO declared it World Cultural Landscape. Viñales is a site where plenty of attractions come together and that is why it is considered the emblem of the province. Here, one finds cigar’s plantations, crop fields, farmer’s huts, and exclusive flora and fauna. The best view of the Valley is obtained from the lookout of Los Jazmines Hotel. The journey is completed with the visit to the Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás, Majaua-Canteras and Palmarito resort, due to its galleries’ beauty and the speleological wonders.

Palenque de los Cimarrones

It is a journey within a “mogote” after having visited an ethnographic exhibit that shows our folklore’s African tones. Its rustic building reproduces the fugitive slaves’ environment. Palenque Cultural resort comprises an irregular group of “ranchones” (large huts without walls, usually dinner and cultural rustic place) made of wood and palma tree leaves. In each of them, cult is paid to each orisha or deity of Yoruba pantheon with their symbolic elements: color, food, dress, and other attributes.

Mural of Prehistory

It is a contact with a past era through arts and this folksy creation is other interesting offer of Pinar del Rio. Artist Leovigildo Gonzales, with a help of a group of farmers made this work that is printedin one of the sides of a “mogote” in Viñales Valley. With a height of 80 m and a width of 120 m. It is a testimony of the area’s bio-geologic evolution. A path leads you to the top of the “mogote” and from there you will be able to admire the entire view of Viñales Valley.

Cueva del Indio

There is a popular saying that reads: “if walking down this cave, a drop falls in one’s nose, fortune will accompany you forever”. Take the chance then and try your luck. Sail along its subterranean waters and discover the irregular forms that the passing time has printed to stalagmites and stalactites: the silhouette of an aborigine chief smoking a pipe, an amazing crocodile’s head, a bottle of champagne, are some of them.

Guanahacabibes National Park

It is the largest forest reserve of the country. There, the original vegetation is preserved, with a rich fauna of aquatic birds, mollusks, reptiles. In a very small area there are hundreds of lakes and the purest silicon sand beds –99.8 purity—and the largest of the country as well. Pines are endemic of the place. Guanahacabibes is a plane with abundant underground cavities. In this sand planes the crops are mainly of citrus fruit and tabacos rubios (yellow cigar), apart from other varied crops. It is amazing the amount of landscapes and ecosystems: always green woods, beach shores with mangrove. There are large amounts of orchids, 16 species total, some endemic and some recently discovered. This peninsula was the last refuge of the aborigines of the western part of the Island, who ran from the Spaniard conquerors; that is why very frequently emerges rests of aborigine settlement.

International Diving Center Maria la Gorda

It is an astonishing tourist facility with excellent sea bed with the largest black coral reef of the archipelago and the area in which is located, Guanahacabibes Biological Reserve, barely visited by men, with endemic plants, a secure place for birds. It is an ideal place to rest or professional diving with appliances service, and trainers qualified by the World Confederation of Underwater Activities who are a complement to this natural treasure.

Cayo Jutía
Santa Lucía, Minas de Matahambre.
Speciality: Sea Food

Casa del Marisco
Carretera a Puerto Esperanza, km. 38, Viñales
Speciality: Sea Food

Centro Intern. de Buceo María La Gorda, Sandino.
Telephones: (53 8) 3121
Speciality: Sea Food

Speciality: Others

Café Pinar
Vélez Caviedes, No. 34, Pinar del Río.
Telephones: (5382) 78199
Speciality: International Cuisine

El Centro
Hotel Soroa, Candelaria.
Telephones: (53 85) 2122
Speciality: International Cuisine

Las Barrigonas
Km 120 Autopista Habana Pinar del Río, Municipio Consolación del Sur.
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Palenque de los Cimarrones
Carretera Puerto Esperanza, km 36, Viñales.
Telephones: (538) 936290
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Mural de la Prehistoria
Carretera a Pons, km 2, Viñales.
Telephones: (538) 936260
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Cueva del Indio
Carretera Puerto Esperanza, km 38, Viñales.
Telephones: (538) 936280
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Ranchón San Vicente
Carretera Puerto Esperanza, km 38 ½, Viñales.
Telephones: (538) 936110
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Restaurante-Cabaret Rumayor
Carretera a Viñales, km. 1 Pinar del Río.
Telephones: (538) 63051 – 63007
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Hotel Soroa, Candelaria.
Telephones: (53 85) 2122
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

Las Arcadas
Hotel Rancho San Vicente, Viñales.
Telephones: (53 8) 93-6201
Speciality: Cuban Cuisine

La Casona
Martí s/n, esquina a Colón.
Telephones: (5382) 78263
Speciality: Creole and International

Casa de Don Tomás
Salvador Cisneros No. 140, Viñales.
Telephones: (538) 936300
Speciality: Creole and International

Cayo Levisa
Hotel Cayo Levisa, La Palma.
Speciality: Creole and International

Doce Plantas
Maceo y Ferro, Pinar del Río.
Speciality: Creole and International

Pinar del Río
Hotel Pinar del Río, Pinar del Río.
Telephones: (53 82) 5070
Speciality: Creole and International

La Taberna
González Coro No. 101, Pinar del Río.

La Terraza
Hotel La Ermita, Viñales.