Fit Cuba




FITCuba 2019 will unfold from May 6 to 11, featuring Spain as the Guest Country of Honour, a nation Cuba shares close cultural and living ties with. This time around, MICE travel will be the product of choice to showcase the benefits this great island has to offer as far as travel and tourism are concerned.

Tropical and cozy patrimonial and diverse maritime and boisterous attractive and fun Havana is a fascinating city. 

Havana is a space of confluences, of multiculturalism, where poetry is made and rumba is danced where nuances abound and contrast sneak up on you, where there are timely silences and the vibrant bustle of its people is felt, bringing joy up a notch. And it is this very Havana one of the oldest cities in America, which is about to celebrate 500 years.



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